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2017 Quick Change Clamp Frame for Smaller Format Machines

2017 Quick Change Clamp Frame for Smaller Format Machines

TPS newest 4-Way Adjustable Clamp Frame System for use in smaller Cut Sheet Thermoformers, or where space is an issue. Our frames are still constructed with steel cylinders and aluminum extrusions, and are adjustable from 6” on up to your maximum frame size, but now they fit into areas where you don't have extra room. A simple turn of a handle allows the operator to unlock the clamping bars and slide them into position around the mold. Pull a pin and the short bars flip up, disconnect the quick connect air lines, turn the handle, and slide the short sections into position. Changing your clamp frames has never been quicker or easier. The 2017 Quick Change system utilizes TPS’ original heavy duty aluminum clamp frame extrusions connected to a 1" x 3" 8020 profile system providing a clean look and an air manifold for supplying air to the long frames. Section slide back and forth with a hardened steel T bracket on steel angle. The long bar air manifolds creates a low profile system without extra-long air lines flopping around and potentially destroying your heaters. The connection of the short bars to the top of the long bars makes for an extremely easy changeover for bottom loading machines. So if you are looking for quick change clamp frames, but are worried about them fitting into your current clamp frame space, We have your answer! Call TPS today and be sure to ask for 2017 Quick Change style clamp frames for your new or existing machine

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