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Canadian Plastics Magazine - www.cpia.ca
Modern Plastics Magazine - www.modplas.com
Plastics in Canada - www.plasticsincanada.com
Plastics Machinery & Auxiliaries Magazine - www.pma-magazine.com
Plastics News Magazine - www.plasticsnews.com
Plastics Technology Magazine - www.plasticstechnology.com
Tecnologia Del Plastico - www.plastico.com
The Plastics Distributor & Fabricator Magazine - www.plasticsmag.com


Society for the Plastics Indstrys - www.plasticsindustry.org
Society of Plastics Engineers - www.4spe.org
SPE Thermoforming Division - www.thermoformingdivision.com


Advanced Plastic Concepts - www.advancedplasticonsultants.com
McConnell Co, Inc Consulting - www.thermoforming.com
Plastic Concepts & Innovations - www.plasticoncepts.com

Machinery Sales

Plastimach - www.plastimach.com
Stopol Inc. - www.stopol.com
Thermoformer Sales - www.thermoformersales.com

Plug Assist Questions

CMT Materials Syntactic Foam - www.cmtmaterials.com

Catalytic Gas Heaters

American Catalytic Technologies - www.americancatalytic.com

Trouble Shooting

Thermoforming Manual & Trouble Shooting Guide - www.spartech.com/plastics/vfmanual.pdf

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